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DSpace is the world leading open source repository platform that enables organisations to:

  • easily ingest documents, audio, video, datasets and their corresponding Dublin Core metadata
  • open up this content to local and global audiences, thanks to the OAI-PMH interface and Google Scholar optimizations
  • issue permanent urls and trustworthy identifiers, including optional integrations with handle.net and DataCite DOI

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How to run DSpace 7 on your own domain (with HTTPS enabled) - step by step manual
(2023) Formanek, Matúš
This guideline was prepared and tested for Ubuntu Server 22.04.1 LTS and DSpace 7.4 (backend,frontend). The author is Matus Formanek, PhD. - a researcher (Assistent Professor) in the Department of Mediamatics and Cultural Heritage, Faculty of Humanities, University of Zilina, Slovakia. If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact me at: e-mail: matus.formanek@fhv.uniza.sk I would like to express my special thanks to Mohammad S. AlMutairi who kindly helped me with many issues in this matter! Important note: If you want to run your DSpace 7 on own domain-name, you have to enable HTTPS on the backend - otherwise you won't be able to log in with your login. Login of all users (including admin) will not work.
Prezentačné video FHV UNIZA
(KMKD FHV Uniza, 2022) Lapšanský, Filip
Final cut - prezentačné video FHV UNIZA
(KMKD FHV Uniza, 2022) Homolík, Adam
Iba TAGofficial D21X
(KMKD FHV Uniza, 2022) Benková, Laura; Ďuriš, Denis
FHV UNIZA - Prezentačné video
(KMKD FHV Uniza, 2022) Kovácsová, Bianka; Farkašovská, Natália